The Mannan family has over 40 years of experience working in South and Southeast Asia with textiles and ready-made garments. In 1997 Abdul Mannan formed a company known as Merrill and Forbes. Almost 20 years later his daughter, Tajrina realized that it was possible to merge science, technology, and style to create sophisticated, multi-functional wardrobe pieces.

In 2014 the company was re-named Merrill + Forbes. Tajrina has travelled all over the world developing an eye for fashion and her ability to predict and create fashion trends. With her innovative influence, Merrill + Forbes is a forward-thinking brand that focuses on in-house designs and creating pieces that reflect sustainable utility, with the ability to be worn in many different ways. M+F is a sophisticated urban brand that aims to keep you young and fresh and we aspire to teach musicians, travelers, risk takers, and creative entrepreneurs to succeed in any environment. We believe that If our clothes can be more than “one thing,” then so can you!

We invite you to free your mind and join us on our journey to redefining clothing by demonstrating the power to do more than “wear” our clothes. All of our garments must pass the highest standards of manufacturing to ensure that all suppliers are in compliance with proper manufacturing processes and the protection of the environment. Here at M+F each piece is individually made with love, positive energy, and mindfulness and we believe the future is now.

In a monotonous world where technology is king, our mission is to free society and encourage man to rage against the machine. Our SS19 Fall collection is our newest line of hoodies, sweaters, and graphic t-Shirts. These graphics and designs were created to empower and inspire our consumers to remember that they are more than the technology they so often rely on. If man and machine must coexist, we hope to be the missing link to give humanity back her soul. We invite you to experience the touch, feel, and experience of our clothing and we hope you will remember how it feels to be truly alive and one with humanity, from beyond the comforts of a touch-screen. This graffiti inspired collection is made from the finest, organic cotton and is best described as “Street meets cyber-space,” will you join us on our journey?